Tor relay container for the RaspberryPi (arm32v6 aka RPi A/B/B+ and later)

start with:
docker run-d --restart=unless-stopped --name rpi-tor-relay \
-v {local path}/torrc:/etc/tor/torrc:ro \
-v {local path}/fingerprint:/var/lib/tor/fingerprint:ro \
-v {local path}/keys:/var/lib/tor/keys:rw \
-p 9030:9030 -p 9001:9001 \


If you have a running instance copy your "torrc" and "fingerprint".
If you don't have a fingerprint, set path to "rw" instead of "ro", once genereated you can set back to ro.
The directory "keys" must be "rw" all the time (even if empty).

When not mounting/mapping external fs into the container, all keys and fingerprints will be lost, when updating the container.


was based on balenalib/rpi-debian:stretch using tor
updated to arm32v6/alpine:latest

(arm32v6 containers are running on old RPi A/B/B+/Zero, arm32v7 don't)