"Glastopf" honeypot container using my own PHP 7.1 container

state: running/testing

Running "Glastopf" Web Application Honeypot

create a directory <path>/glastopf
create a glastopf.cfg
create an empty directory <path>/glastopf/log

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped --name rpi-glastopf -v <path>/glastopf.cfg:/opt/glastopf/glastopf.cfg:rw -v <path>/glastopf/log:/opt/glastopf/log:rw -p <port>:<listen_port_in_your_glastopf.cfg> intrepidde/rpi-glastopf

- glastopf.cfg MUST be writeable by the container (glastopf does not start with read only)
- default port is 80, but you get "traffic" on other ports too
Here some examples:
7170    router remote access O2/Alice
499     fritz.box remote access
8088    other router remote access
3276    router backdoor on some devices
7547    Telekom Speedport router remote management


- update documentation/description
- reduce size
- extra volume for internal db (what the hneypot has learned to be a "better target"